“You ready for the smoke?” I ask Caresha, mirroring her now character-defining antics. “I’m always ready for the smoke,” she laughs through pearly whites. “I love smoke.”

It’s been nearly a year since Caresha started putting mortals from her sphere in the hot seat and we have a lot to unpack. As her creative counterpart and best friend JT wrote on the Aquarius’ birthday just a few weeks ago, there’s “caresha the mom, caresha the sister, caresha the poet, caresha the actress, caresha the rapper [and] caresha the host!” And, to be clear, all of those iterations of self are living both separately and in parallel to Yung Miami. A Rubik’s Cube of a human, all sides polished yet undone. Both very much in their “act bad” era.

She’s been busy. Most recently, toying with the idea of Caresha, the actor, she made an appearance on You People and joined the cast of Starz’s BMF. In an email exchange following an unforgiving audience who assayed the performance, she simply wrote, “I feel awesome, I did great.”

The rapper is two cups of coffee into the day in a purple pastel bodysuit hand-picked by her stylist, Shaq Palmer. We’re sitting in downtown LA, over 2,000 miles from the city of Miami—which she reps with her artistic moniker and essence—but she still seems quite at home. Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s been traveling a bit (for pleasure and work) over the last year and has learned to ground herself elsewhere, or the fact that she’s with about a dozen people from her team, or maybe it’s simply because the aforementioned team unexpectedly rolled in with the neon-lit sign from her podcast. A familiar setup.